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Chipotle Bringing Back Chorizo

Remember when Chipotle introduced chorizo to its menu then they replaced it with queso? Well for all your chorizo fans you have a chance to relive your Chipotle chorizo glory. For a limited time, Chipotle will have chorizo on its menu. Chipotle’s...


Canelo Alvarez Defeats Gennady Golovkin

In this year’s biggest fight with the rematch of Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Glolovkin ends in heavy-duty controversy. The stage was set with a crowd of 21,965 at T-Mobile Area on Mexican Independence day and Canelo promising this time around to go...


Doritos Rainbow Flavor Is A Dream Come True

Seems that Doritos is always coming out with some new flavored chip and now they have harnessed the rainbow with Doritos Rainbow. Que, yes Doritos has come out with a rainbow flavored chip. You may be asking yourself what does a rainbow taste like....


The Trump Administration Took Money From FEMA For Immigrant Detention

It’s come out today that the Trump administration authorized taking 10 million dollars from FEMA to fund the ICE immigration detentions. These are the same detentions in which families were torn apart and children were put in cages. This is...


Selena Gomez Sexy Photo Causing Social Media Madness

Selena Gomez recently posted a new photo on her Instagram account and once again she is breaking the internet. This time around she posted a pic wearing a tube top with a facial expressing that yells out fierce attitude while holding a cocktail. But...


Revel In The Very UN-PC ‘Zorro: The Gay Blade’

As we’ve mentioned before, there are very few Latino superheroes out there. However, we can say that we had one of the first: Zorro. The masked man who fights against the evil Spanish governor in colonial California is the prototype for...



Narco Tunnel Discovered Under KFC

August 27, 2018 

Another Narco tunnel has been discovered and this time in an unlikely place, under the fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken. The first thing that may come to your mind is Los Pollos Hermanos from the Breaking Bad TV series. The fictional fast-food chain was owned by Gustavo Fring, a prominent methamphetamine distributor in the Southwestern….


Is The Word “Marijuana” Racist Against Latinos?

August 25, 2018 

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is easily the most popular drug worldwide. Many states legalized cannabis for medical use and California, Colorado, and Washington DC have made it legal to buy it for recreational use. It’s only a matter of time before it is legal in most places in the United States. I noticed that….


Taco Bell Healthiest Fast-Food Chains

August 23, 2018 

When you start a new diet you probably should avoid fast food, well you may want to think twice. Taco Bell has completely restructured its menu and is now offering more wholesome options than just Crunch Wraps Supremes. Taco Bell’s dietitian and product developer, Missy Nelson, played a huge role in the improvements to the….


Selena Gomez gets Matching Tattoos.

August 21, 2018 

Selena Gomez recently got some ink done with three of her best friends. After a night of pizza, Selena stopped at a tattoo parlor with her three girlfriends, where they celebrated their seven years of friendship with matching designs. Raquelle Stevens, Courtney Barry, Ashley Cook, and Selena all got ink in different places on their….


Remembering Cantinflas

August 20, 2018 

Last week Google had the one andonly Cantinflas as their Google Doodle. Every country that has a film industry has its iconic stars. Rarely are these actors known outside their countries. Can you name any famous actors from Albania? Johnny the goat? Mexico has always been a country of cinephiles, and they have produced a….

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