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2014 World Cup: Brazil’s Airports in ‘Chaos’

April 10, 2014 

Brazil’s World Cup ambassador Pelé says he’s concerned about the country’s airports les mores than 10 weeks before the tournament begins.Brazil’s World Cup ambassador Pelé says he’s concerned about the country’s airports less than 10 weeks before the tournament begins.

Brazil Not Happy With Sexy Adidas Shirts

February 25, 2014 

When I was younger, I believed that “ADIDAS” actually stood for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” Thanks to some new clothing options provided by Adidas, those dreams are now, well, still dreams. In preparation for the upcoming World Cup, Adidas has released two shirt capitalizing on Brazil’s assets. And when I say assets, you….

Brazil’s Youth Making Upperclass Uncomfortable

January 21, 2014 

We’ve all heard of “slumming it” – aka partying below our pay grade. It’s a situation where a well-off individual brings their American Express Black Card to a dive bar, buys dozens of cheap drinks, and loudly makes fun of the scuzzy patrons they’re surrounded by. Well karma is a perra. Recently in Brazil, the….

Brazilian Model Rap

December 31, 2013 

Like a hunter in a blind, Brazilian model Michelli Provensi’s “All The Models In The House” shows that satire can attack from seemingly innocent and alluring setups. When thinking of oppressive working environments, the modeling industry is rarely the first to come to mind. Michelli Provensi, however, would like us to know that it’s not….

Video: Justin Bieber Asleep In Brazilian Brothel?

November 07, 2013 

Thanks to one less lonely girl, we have footage of what appears to be Justin Bieber asleep in a Brazilian brothel. I can’t say I’m disappointed in Bieber, mostly because I’ve never had any opinion of the lad. What I can say is that I’m disappointed in the woman in the video. Not only did….