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Paula Deen Tweets Brown Face “I Love Lucy” Picture

TV chef and queen of the fryalator Paula Deen is once again under fire for racism after she tweeted a picture of her son Bobby in brown face. The picture came from a 2011 episode in which she and Bobby dressed up like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz from I Love Lucy. Bobby is clearly wearing brown makeup on his face and nothing on his hands, you know like they did in minstrel shows. The Internet was not amused. The tweet was deleted but the damage was already done. She apologized to those that were offended and basically threw their social media manager under the bus and blamed the whole thing on him. Because I’m sure the social media manager put the brown makeup on Bobby’s face. A couple of years ago Deen nearly lost everything after several of her Black employees came out with allegations that she drops the n-bomb left and right and throws antebellum South slavery themed parties. Geez, how many minorities is she going to piss off.

The stupidest part, besides the obvious, is that Desi Arnaz was white like me. He was maybe a bit more tan because he didn’t stay indoors all day writing posts online. He was a Cuban from Santiago de Cuba from Spanish stock. It just goes to show how ignorant Deen is of anyone who isn’t a White Southerner. She thinks that all Latinos are brown and not that we come in all different shades. Clearly, they need to take a closer look at the people in their kitchens.

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