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Pele And Cristiano Ronaldo Star In Emirates Commercial

Pele, (arguably the greatest soccer player of all time), and Cristiano Ronaldo, (arguably the best soccer player these days), finally meet in an ad for Emirates airlines. The ultra swanky airline shows the two legends meeting at the bar on board one of Emirate’s luxury planes. The commercial plays on the short memory of soccer fans. A couple of middle aged guys are in awe of seeing Pele while a younger guy only has eyes for Cristiano and his tweezed eyebrows. All I kept thinking about while I was watching this ad is about what a mysterious and alien life rich people live from me. I have to fly coach in a cramped seat with an obese sunburned yokel with halitosis on one side of me and a screaming brat on the other. How awesome would it be to go up to an airplane bar, (A FRIGGIN’ AIRPLANE BAR!), and have a scotch with Pele? Still, it is pretty cool to see these two legends come together. It’s also shows the class of these two world class athletes that they are able to laugh at themselves. Too many players take themselves wayyyyy to seriously.

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