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Penn State Sorority Shut Down After Racist Party

The Chi Omega sorority chapter at Penn State has been shut down a year after throwing a party with an anti-Latino theme. A picture of the festivities, in which dozens of the sorority girls dressed in stereotypical Mexican garb, caused outrage when it first surfaced a year ago. The girls wore sombreros and big mustaches and held signs that read “Will mow for beer and weed” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it”. Charming. The sorority was put on probation for the party but wasn’t kicked off campus. In fact, the only reason they are closing is because the national Chi Omega chapter is shutting them down. Penn State has nothing to do with the decision to dissolve the chapter.

How convenient. Penn State gets to sit back now and say, “Oh, yes it’s a good thing that these racist sorority girls are off our campus”, without actually having taken any action themselves. It’s the catch-22 that a lot of universities are in when it comes to the shenanigans of the Greek system. These dens of rich White entitlement regularly pull crap like this, if not against Latinos then against African-Americans. Not to mention all the hazing and rape that occurs behind frat house doors. But many universities are apprehensive to do anything because the Greek system makes the school’s money and raise attendance. Many of these losers only go to college so they can join a frat. Until schools take a stronger stance against this kind of behavior it’s going to keep on happening.

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