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Bull Pwns Matador Pepe Manrique

In case you didn’t know, bullfighting is still a big sport in a lot of Latin American countries. That’s all kinds of wrong. Look, we aren’t trying to be hypocrites here. We eat cheeseburgers as much as the next guy. Actually, more than the next guy,. Tu Vez is rather panzon. With that said, sticking spears into a  drugged (yes, they drug them) bull’s back just seems all kinds of cruel. Sure, it’s a part of our cultural heritage, but you know what else is? Machismo and racism. Not exactly things worth keeping around, you know?

That’s why it’s refreshing to see that  sometimes the bull, despite horrible odds, shows “Capitan Gold Jacket” who has bigger huevos. The above photograph shows bullfighter Pepe Manrique getting pwned by a bull who flipped his ass over and gored his back. This justified goring happened  at a bullfighting festivalin Cali, Colombia on December 30. The bull gave Pepe– who is okay, by the way– a trip to the hospital as a late Christmas gift.

via El Tiempo

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