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PGA Tour Moves Tournament From Trump Doral to Mexico City


Another hit for Donald Trump as the longtime PGA Tour event at Miami’s Trump Doral resort is leaving Florida and heading to Mexico City in 2017. The PGA Tour is ready for the move and has picked a new name for the tournament, WGC-Mexico Championship. Pero porque se van a Mexico? Could it be because of political reasons or all the negative comments Trump has made towards Mexicans and the PGA Tour wants no part of Trump? The PGA Tour commissioner, Tim Finchem, made it clear that the move was based on they could not secure sponsorship for next year’s tournament. Pues claro! creo que no hay muchos patrocinadores que quieren estar involucrados con Trump.

We all know Trump is very outspoken and it seems he always talks bad about Mexico and Mexicans. Cuando supo de la noticia, he had this to say. “They’re moving it to Mexico City, which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance.” Que tal con este tipo! It’s great to see the PGA move one of it’s tournaments south of the border!

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