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Mariana Echeverria

Mariana Echeverria
November 02, 2011 

If I’ve learned anything from the last time I put up a girl gallery, it’s this: you guys aren’t reading this. You’re looking through the pictures, sure (thank you, by the way), but anything below the images of gorgeous ladies never meets your eyeballs. So here’s what I propose: I’ll give you the pertinent details….


8-Bit Subway Station In Sweden

November 01, 2011 

This author lives in New York City, and let me tell you that the subway ain’t pretty. What passes for art in most subway stations in NYC is a phallus painted on a movie poster going in Ben Affleck’s or Kate Hudson’s ear. Sure, there is the abstract expressionism created by homeless urine and or….


Japanese Inspired Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls From Jonathan Koshi

November 01, 2011 

El Dia De Los Muertos is right around the corner. This is the day in which we celebrate the memory of our dearly departed by putting up altars in our houses and having picnics on our ancestor’s remains. One of the main features of a traditional altar is the sugar skull. Basically, it’s a highly….


Isabel Cristina Estrada

Isabel Cristina Estrada 01
October 27, 2011 

This is Isabel Cristina Estrada. She’s 32. She’s an actress. From Colombia. And you’re not even reading this are you? Just using me for my pictures. That’s great. No, no, really enjoy. I’ll just be hanging out. I had waffles for breakfast. They were fantastic. Fantastic like those pictures I compiled for you. Did you….


Culture Not A Costume Campaign

photos for poster
October 25, 2011 

Halloween is coming up next week. This is an excuse for men to dress in funny costumes and for women to dress as various slutty occupations, (slutty nurse, slutty maid, slutty rabbit, etc.) It’s also an excuse for some jerkholes to dress like racial stereotypes. The minstrel show went out in the 1940′s, but for….


Cynthia Valdez

Cynthia Valdez 01
October 19, 2011 

New goal in life: date an athlete, specifically a gymnast. This newfound purpose was inspired by Cynthia Valdez. This 23-year-old Mexican gymnast recently won five medals (two gold, three silver) at the 2011 Pan American Games, held in her hometown of Guadalajara. Given how limber she is, we’re willing to bet¬†Cynthia¬†might be a gold medalist….


Randomness Del Internet

October 18, 2011 

We filter through the Latin American internets to bring you the LULz.


Please Buy Us Kaneda’s Jacket From “Akira”

Screen shot 2011-10-13 at 7.34.18 AM
October 13, 2011 

We aren’t really big on anime. Some of it is OK, but most of it is just weird looking blue haired people screaming and school girls being raped by tentacled aliens. However, we love “Akira”. This classic anime about motorcycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Tokyo is awesome. Psychic wars, giant teddy bears, and teenage hooliganism is….


Valerie Dominguez: Shakira’s Cousin

Valerie Dominguez 01
October 06, 2011 

Of course Shakira would have a hot cousin. Meet Valerie Dominguez, winner of the 2005 Miss Colombia pageant and telenovela actress. Some might not know this, but Shakira’s first album was full of songs about insecurity. How someone so attractive could be full of self-doubt always boggled our minds. Now, after we’ve seen what her….


Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche 01
October 05, 2011 

Cristina Pedroche is known for two things: her hotness and her television career The first one’s very apparent. One look at this gallery and you’ll see why we’re drooling over her. As per the latter, she’s a host for Se Lo Que Hicisteis, a popular television show in Spain. If only every anchor on American….

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