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Spanish Painter Antoni Tapies Has Gone To The Great Museum In The Sky

February 07, 2012 

The modern art world lost one of its greats today with the death of Spanish painter Antoni Tapies. He was one of the most famous painters to come out of Spain since Dali and Miro, though you don’t hear about him as much here in the United States. He liked to make weird semi-surreal, quasi-abstract….


Luchadoras Fight For The Dream Act In North Carolina

February 06, 2012 

There are different strategies that organizations use to try and get their point across. Some stage protests, hunger strikes, or letter writing campaigns. The ladies of the NC Dream Team decided to don masks and wrestle Lucha Libre style. The North Carolina organization is made up largely of undocumented students that support the adoption of….


Happy Black History Month To Our Afro-Latino Brothers And Sisters

February 03, 2012 

While next month is Hispanic history month, February is black history month. In the United States, we tend to think that the only Black people are African-Americans and Africans. We tend to forget that 40% of Latinos are of African descent. During the slave trade, 95% of African slaves were brought to Latin America. Afro-Latinos….


Sofia Vergara Voted Most Desirable Woman 2012

February 02, 2012 

Our girl Sofia won the top honor on’s Top 99 Most Desirable Woman List. The men’s site has people vote on which woman most strikes their fancy. With Sofia, it’s not just her drop dead gorgeous beauty. Askmen said that Sofia won because she has “attributes that men want in a companion, such as….


Mad Hot: Marisol Gonzalez

February 01, 2012 

The internet and the mainstream media are fawning over Mexican sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez, who’s causing quite a stir at the Super Bowl media day. Our response: welcome to five years ago, fellas.