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Please Buy Us Kaneda’s Jacket From “Akira”

Screen shot 2011-10-13 at 7.34.18 AM
October 13, 2011 

We aren’t really big on anime. Some of it is OK, but most of it is just weird looking blue haired people screaming and school girls being raped by tentacled aliens. However, we love “Akira”. This classic anime about motorcycle gangs in post-apocalyptic Tokyo is awesome. Psychic wars, giant teddy bears, and teenage hooliganism is….


Valerie Dominguez: Shakira’s Cousin

Valerie Dominguez 01
October 06, 2011 

Of course Shakira would have a hot cousin. Meet Valerie Dominguez, winner of the 2005 Miss Colombia pageant and telenovela actress. Some might not know this, but Shakira’s first album was full of songs about insecurity. How someone so attractive could be full of self-doubt always boggled our minds. Now, after we’ve seen what her….


Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche 01
October 05, 2011 

Cristina Pedroche is known for two things: her hotness and her television career The first one’s very apparent. One look at this gallery and you’ll see why we’re drooling over her. As per the latter, she’s a host for Se Lo Que Hicisteis, a popular television show in Spain. If only every anchor on American….


“Bailando Por Un Sueño” Flasher Cinthia Fernandez

Cinthia Fernandez Showmatch Bailando Por Un Sueno 01
October 04, 2011 

We’re no strangers to the raunch-on-screen known as Bailando Por Un Sueño, Argentina’s version of Dancing With The Stars. We first wrote about it when model Rocio Guirao Diaz fell on her head. Then, we found out that Larissa Riquelme was a contestant, and we hunted down a video of her basically stripping. Today’s show-related controversy?….


Concept Drawings For A Mexican Inverted Glass Pyramid Under Zocalo

October 04, 2011 

Skyscrapers are so 20th century, man. In Mexico they build Earthscrapers, fool! That’s right, Mexican firm BNKR has designed this wonderfully awesome inverted glass pyramid concept that may be built underneath Mexico City’s famous Zocalo. The top floors would incorporate the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital that exists right below the surface, creating a….


Giselle Patron

Giselle Patron 01
October 03, 2011 

Given that Tu Vez is a site that aims to cater to all Latinos, diversity is very important to us. That’s why we take great pleasure in bringing you this gallery of Giselle Patron. This lovely 23-year-old model hails from the beautiful land of the Incas and was the winner of the 2009 “Miss Hawaiian….


Karen Carreño

Karen Carreno 01
September 28, 2011 

One of our biggest unfulfilled dreams is to be a famous musician. Not because we actually enjoy playing music (we can’t play a single instrument) but because of the opportunity to cast hot chicks in our music videos. That’s exactly what Juanes did with today’s gorgeous girl selection, Karen Carreño. The Colombian model ended up….


Wendy Gonzalez In Revista H

Wendy Gonzalez 01
September 26, 2011 

A new month is around the corner, which means that our favorite Mexican publication is coming out with a new hot girl pictorial. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about Revista H. October’s girl? None other than Wendy Gonzalez, the 23 year old Mexican actress/television presenter/ all-around Televisa personality. To say she’s delectable is putting it….


Rossana Najera

Rossana Najera 01
September 21, 2011 

Rossana Najera is an up-and-coming telenovela actress from Mexico. The 21-year-old beauty has made appearances in La Lobai and Se Busca Un Hombre. She, however, is probably best known for being the former WAG of Mexican soccer legend Cuahtemoc Blanco.


Katarina Sacht

Katarina Sacth 01
September 20, 2011 

Part-time telenovela actress, full-time model, and all-around hottie Katarina Sacht is today’s beautiful girl. Born in Brazil, this long-legged bombshell has made several appearances in Colombian soap operas like Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre. Personally, we’re big fans of all the sporty pictures featured in this gallery. There’s nothing better than a hot girl who just….

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