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Piolin In Legal Battle Over His Alleged Gross Behavior

Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo is suing 6 former employees for trying to extort money from him. According to records sent to his lawyers, the disgruntled sextet threatened to go public with some of Piolin’s alleged inappropriate office behavior. What could be so bad, you ask? Well, according to them he would force them to watch him take a dump, urinate in bottles in front of them, rub his erect penis on people’s legs, and honka honka the genitals of his employees. Piolin claims that this is all a bunch of crap, (ahem), and that he did no such thing.

I hope for his sake that it is all false. I mean, if it gets out that any of this is true, he’s done. I know that my relatives that listen to him aren’t going to tune in if he’s forcing people to watch him poop and is rubbing his pinga on the staff. You have to wonder if Univision saw this coming and that’s why they cancelled his show back in July. Still, he has a lucrative contract with Sirius that he probably wants to hold on to. I personally always thought he was kind of a chode with scary too-much-plastic-surgery-face. He looks like this iguana my cousin used to have.

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