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Pitbull Recieves Racist Backlash On Twitter After AMAs

Pitbull was attacked in a flurry of racist Tweets after hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday. The reason? Because a “Mexican” shouldn’t host a show that’s supposed to be “American”. Tweets like this one from Anthonytooturnt were typical, “sorry pitbull i thought this was the american music awards not the mexican music awards.” Hmm…well, let’s analyze this piece by piece. Bad grammar and punctuation aside, there are several problems with this argument. First of all, Pitbull was born in South Florida. Florida is a state within the United States of America thereby making him as American as apple pie and nachos.

Secondly, Pitbull’s parents are from Cuba. Cuba is an Island in the Caribbean and is not Mexico.

Mexico is a large country that is part of the North American mainland, just south of the Rio Grande. He is therefore not Mexican either.

The problem with racists today is their blatant inaccuracies. If you want to be an ignorant a-hole that hates an entire group of people for no reason, that’s fine. Again, this is America and you have the right to be a racist jerk. The only thing I ask is that you get your facts straight before you Tweet. There is no excuse for bad geography.

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