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Pitbull Sues Oakleys Over “Pit Bull” Sunglasses

Pitbull is currently suing sunglasses giant Oakley over a pair of sunglasses they call the “Pit Bull”. Mr. 305…er…Mr. Worldwide is having none of it. He did not say “dale” to any deal with the company and says that even though they are spelling Pit Bull as two words instead of one they are trying to capitalize off of his fame. Pitbull has his own line of sunglasses called “Pitbull Dale Sunglasses” and he doesn’t want his fans to get confused when they are in the market for a new pair of shades. He claims the Oakleys are in the style of glasses that he normally wears. Apparently, he owns that style…at least in his own mind. He soon will trademark having a shaved head and wearing white suits all the time.

While some might say that this is a frivolous lawsuit, he has a point. He previously had a deal with Oakley when they sponsored his 2009 tour at which time he wore their glasses. But as of now they don’t have any business relationship. If he can prove that the company knowingly is trying to use his name and image to sell glasses he definitely has a case of misuse of his name and style. Unfortunately, that’s really hard to prove. There would have to be an internal memo or something which proves without a shadow of a doubt that Oakley did it on purpose.

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