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Pope Francis Arrives In Cuba Tomorrow

Everyone’s favorite Latino pontiff, Pope Francis, arrives in Cuba tomorrow as part of his tour of the Communist island and its neighbor to the north, The United States. The pope will spend several days in Cuba and is expected to meet with former president Fidel Castro as well as his brother Raul. Francis played a crucial part as mediator between Cuba and the United States in the current thaw in relations between the two countries after 50 years of diplomatic inertia. The pontiff is extremely popular in Cuba, which in spite of decades under Communist rule, remains staunchly Catholic. Francis will also no doubt come in to contact with Cuba’s other big religious group, and Catholicism’s flip side, Santeria. It should be an interesting visit.

What I’m more excited about is Francis’ trip to the United States. Many on the right see Francis as a divisive figure what with his stance on a more open attitude towards LGBT people and his concern over climate change. Not to mention the fact that he plans to meet with undocumented immigrants while in the United States and has condemned the politics of the American Republican party. Add to that the fact that he is going to conduct several of his masses in Spanish and you have a recipe for getting made fun of by Trump and his ilk.

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