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Pope Francis Beatifies The Late Archbishop Romero

Giant crowds gathered in the Salvadoran capital of San Salvador to celebrate the beatification of slain Catholic archbishop Oscar Romero by Pope Francis. Thirty-five years ago the outspoken archbishop who championed the cause of the poor of El Salvador was assassinated by right wing assassins.  No one was ever convicted of the crime which was probably committed by the American backed military government. Romero was a proponent of liberation theology which combined leftist ideology and Catholicism. Even though Romero has been seen as an unofficial saint in Central America for years with several miracles attributed to him. But for many years his beatification was held up by more conservative officials in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has a lot in common with Romero. Besides the fact that they are both from Latin America, they have made it their life’s work to advocate for the Church’s ministry to the poor. Both have been criticized by right-wing Catholics for their perceived liberal policies. Pope Francis said,

“The beatification … is a cause for great joy for Salvadorans and for those of us who rejoice at the example of the greatest children of the church. Monsignor Romero, who built peace from the strength of love, gave testimony of the faith with his life, committed to the very end.”

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