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Holy F#@$!, The Pope Drops F-Bomb During Service

Swear words are like passing gas. Sometimes you mean to let one out, and other times they slip out accidentally. On Sunday, while speaking publicly to a large audience, the Pope regrettably let an F-Bomb squeak out. Pope Francis was trying to use the Italian word for “case” – which is “caso” – however, he accidentally said “cazzo” – which is what you say when someone punches you in the testicoli. On its own, this accident is entirely forgivable. After all, Pope Francis was delivering his speech in Italian (his native language is Spanish). So we should definitely cut the guy some slack. But there’s more – there’s always more. Thanks to modern technology, video of the f-bomb hit the internet within minutes of the verbal mishap, which made Pope Francis’ bad-boy stock rise like a rocket-ship. In the last several months, Pope Francis has picked up hitchhikers, he’s graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and now he’s casually dropping swear words into sermons.

In the Pope’s defense, who here hasn’t said the wrong word while trying to speak a foreign language? Every year, U.S. tourists travel to Mexico and ask for a “mule” instead of a “bathroom”. Sure that kind of mistake is funny, but is it really newsworthy? Foreign languages aside, I’ve accidentally called my girlfriend by her sister’s name. Just a simple mistake that for some reason really didn’t sit well with her. What I’m trying to say is that we all make mistakes when it comes to what comes out of our mouths. The Pope might be one of the most holy men on the planet, but even he knew he had just f’d up when he said “cazzo”. He immediately corrected the mistake and moved on. He deserves a little praise for that. It could have gone much worse. Here’s a quick look people who didn’t handle their public bloopers as gracefully as his holiness.

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