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Pope Francis Picks Up Hitchhiker

Pope Francis knows hitchhiking is a lost art. It used to be that if your car broke down, you didn’t whip out your cellphone and call AAA. You whipped out your thumb and hoped whoever picked you up wasn’t a deranged psychopath. And if they were, sweet, you got a cool story to tell from then on. If you lived to tell the tale. On Wednesday, Rev. Fabian Baez not only lived to tell the tale, but the whole world got to see him thumb a ride from Pope Francis in the Popemobile. Who cares that this was a huge violation of the safety measures in place to protect His Holiness? What good is having God on your side if you never live on the edge? Have some fun. Pick up a hitchhiker. Push that Popemobile up to 20 mph. Feel the wind in what’s left of you hair.

Later, Baez tweeted about the event: “I’m going to change my biography. The poor priest who got on the popemobile today with Pope Francis”. While no one likes a name dropper, I completely get his enthusiasm. The only way this would be cooler is if he’d hitched a ride from Batman in the Batmobile. Of course, we here at Tuvez don’t want to send the wrong message about hitchhiking. Catching a ride from a stranger is probably never a good idea. The chances of you catching a ride from the Pope or Batman are extremely rare. If anything, the kind of person picking you up would probably be on a three day meth bender, looking for some lost highway strange. If you catch my meaning. Here’s a video that should give you a clear picture of what goes on in the actual world of hitching. Be careful out there.

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