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Pope Francis Is Time’s Person Of The Year

Pope Francis’ midi-chlorian levels must be off the chart. How else could we explain the great year he has had? What I thought would be the Vatican’s rebound pope has turned out to be the real deal that has helped mend many fences in the Catholic community. I was born into Catholicism, which means I have turned out to be a skeptical agnostic in my older age, but that hasn’t kept me from seeing just how much Pope Francis has done to bring new hope into the old religion. I think we can agree that the last few decades have been tough in the P.R. department for the church. Scandals definitely pushed away the casual catholic, while the hardcore seemed to hold onto their religion with the same out-of-touch delusion hardcore Detroit Lions fan hold onto their Super Bowl hopes (no offense Detroit).

But like Steve Jobs reinvigorating Apple back in the early 2000s, Pope Francis has continually done and said things to freshen up the Catholic brand. When it comes to the sick, he’s all but skinny dipped with lepers. He’s pulled back on the intolerance of the LGBT community. He’s not only acknowledged the sex abuse scandals, but has taken measures to increase accountability to prevent future abuse. It almost seems strange to see the Pope acting like the Pope. I keep expecting the guys from Impractical Jokers to reveal this as their greatest joke yet.

Pope Francis even worked as a bouncer back in the day. That makes Pope Francis a down to earth St. Peter. Except instead of deciding who could and couldn’t get through the pearly gates, Francis decided who could or couldn’t get into Coyote Ugly. Or wherever it was he worked. Maybe I won’t go back to church anytime soon, but Pope Francis seems like the kind of guy you won’t meet in a church. He’s too busy living in the real world.

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