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Pope John Paul II Becomes a Saint

While most candidates wait decades or even centuries to be declared a saint, one of the most loved Popes will soon become a saint in record time. There are several steps needed to be declared a saint by the Catholic church and one of them is to perform miracles.

Among thousands of submitted miracles to the Vatican, two stood out and helped Pope John Paul II become a saint. The first miracle was the cure of a  French nun’s Parkinson’s disease. The nun prayed to the Pope John Paul II three months after his death, and one morning she woke up in perfect health.

The second miracle was the cure of a brain aneurysm that Floribeth Mora Diaz had.  After doctors told her that she only had days to live, Diaz began praying to the late Pope and one morning she woke up healed and cured from her aneurysm.

Pope John Paul II, sometimes called Blessed John Paul the Great, is the second longest serving pope in history.  Pope John Paul II was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.
He is recognised in helping end Communist rule in his native Poland and Europe.

Pope John Paul II is one of the most traveled Popes in history, visiting 129 countries during his pontificate.  Latinos have great passion and love for the late Pope John Paul II not only from all the Latinos in the U.S. but from every corner of Latin America.

Pope John Paul II visited Latin America 14 times, including Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina,  Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba and Peru.

His top destination in Latin America was Mexico, where he visited in four different occasions including on his earliest official visits in 1979.

On Sunday April 27th 2014, millions of people in Latin America and the rest of the world will watch as the Vatican will hold a sainthood when Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXII are canonized and become saints.

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