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Possible Titles For Bob Dylan’s “Latin Music Record”

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters the United States has ever produced. His songs “Tambourine Man”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, and “Subterranean Homesick Blues” pretty much defined the sixties. He’s kept on releasing albums, some of them were even good for an old rock star. In his latest record, he teams up with David Hidalgo from the legendary Chicano band Los Lobos. Apparently, the crusty old man is into Latin music now. Dylan, who was born Robert Zimmerman, was curious about all of the wacky Latino instruments that Hidalgo had laying around. So, he was introduced to the Tejano accordion and the Cuban tres. Hidalgo goes on to say that Dylan’s next album will have a lot of Latin influences. We’re not entirely sure what a Bob Dylan Latin record would sound like. Can you imagine him singing, “Esos Altos De Jalisco” in his patented nasal voice? The album doesn’t have a title, so we thought we’d help. Here are 5 suggestions of titles for Dylan’s Latin record.

Via Huffington Post.

Tacos and Tambourinemangs

He could do some mariachi style remixes of his old songs. That would be a lot less work than having to write new songs and it would give the old timer plenty of nap time. He could maybe change the lyrics a little, “Oye señor tamborinemang, sing me a cancion, I am sleepy so I’m taking a siesta”, or something like that.

Is This A Polka?: Bob Dylan Sings Tejano

Tejano music is dominated by the accordion, which was brought into Mexico and Texas by German and Czech immigrants. Bob might feel comfortable with the subtle similarities it has to the music of his German Jewish ancestors. He could throw in a few Selena covers. Can you imagine Bob singing “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”? I can and it’s hilarious.

Guacamole Guantanamera Revisited

To many Americans, all Latinos are one thing. Like the pink slime they put in ground beef, anything south of the border is just one big brown blob. Bob will probably make similar mistakes while weaving his intricate lyrical images.  So, he can sing a song like, “I was eating Guacamole on a donkey in Havana with a gaucho and a llama.”

All Along The Border Towers

He could adapt his famous “All Along The Watchtower” to be about people trying to cross the border. So, instead of saying “There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief” he could say, “There must be some kind of way over that, said Juanito to Jose.” The villain can be a border guard, lupita as the princess keeping the view. It could work.

The Times They Are Chingado

If Bob really wanted to write about the plight of Latinos in the U.S. today, (perhaps something he overheard his maids discussing), then he could call his record “The Times They Are Chingado”. Because what better way is there to sum up state of affairs of Latinos in the current political climate?

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