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President Obama Puts Off Executive Action On Immigration

President Obama has decided to delay taking executive action on immigration until later in the fall. He had promised that he would use his powers to force some kind of immigration reform after congress has repeatedly refused to act on the issue. The president claims that the reason he has to delay taking any sort of steps towards reform is because of the current border crisis. He says that some kind of plan needs to be formulated to deal with the influx of thousands of undocumented Central Americans, mostly children, that have been arriving at the border for months now. Currently, the resources at the border are at capacity and the government has done little to nothing to come up with a plan to deal with it. But we all know that this isn’t the real reason he’s delaying taking executive action.

The real reason he’s putting it off is that there is a midterm election coming up and he doesn’t want his fellow Democrats losing seats because people might be angry at him for whatever steps he plans to take. It is politics at its most pragmatic and cold. While millions of the undocumented live in fear of deportation and thousands starve at the border, he is playing political games. But it’s not just Obama’s fault. He is being forced to take executive action in the first place because Congress, particularly the Republican led House of Representatives, refuses to do anything good or bad. Many Latinos are frustrated with Obama for not following through on many of the promises he made during the 2012 election in which the Latino vote was a big reason that he won. They are even more frustrated with congress. We’ll see what happens when the elections are over but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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