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Principal Suspended For Banning Spanish In School

And the award for principal of the year does not go to Amy Lacey of Hempstead Middle School. On Nov 12, the Texas principal made the intercom announcement that speaking Spanish in class was forbidden. And now she’s been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation. What did Lacey expect? Nearly half the population of the school, which has around 330 students, is Hispanic. Many students even consider Spanish their first language. Lacey claimed that her decision was motivated by the fact that speaking Spanish in class is disruptive.

Why single out Spanish, Amy Lacey? I think we can all agree that any speaking in class – no matter what language it is – is disruptive. So why not ban all languages? I can respect teacher wanting to cut down on disruptions in class. They don’t get paid enough to deal with the stress of unruly kids. They’re just trying to do a good job so they don’t get fired. And most of them are hungover from a weekend of binge drinking caused by having to baby sit someone else’s little monsters during the week. Of course, the teacher never called it a hangover. She called it “Movie Day.” That was the day when the teacher put on some Disney movie, then curled up fetal under her desk while we all watched in silence.

While we’re at it, you know what is more disruptive than speaking Spanish in class? Abusing the school’s intercom to ruffle the feathers of nearly half the school’s population. Say what you will, but at least those kids speaking in Spanish never attracted the attention of FOX News.

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