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Prison: The Most Happening Place In Acapulco

Forget Baby’Os and Palladium. The most happening place in Acapulco is its prison! According to The Guardian, authorities recently discovered “two peacocks, 100 fighting cocks, two sacks filled with marijuana and 19 prostitutes” during a surprise search.

This failure to keep their penal institutions free from these outlandish luxuries is surely a point of embarrassment for the city of Acapulco. But they’re looking at it the wrong way. In a city whose tourism–its main source of revenue– has largely been affected by recent narco violence, perhaps this discovery is a blessing in disguise. City officials should really promote their correctional facility as a tourist destination. Exotic birds, hookers, drugs? It’s a college co-ed’s dream! And best of all, tourists won’t have to worry about criminals because they will all be in the streets of Acapulco dropping body parts.

And, tourists: Any doubt that the prison would make for a happening place can be laid to rest with this prison diagram officials recovered when they showed up for their inspection:

Image via Not Zombies

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