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How To Properly Celebrate Mexico’s Independence

For those that thought you celebrated Mexico’s independence on Cinco de Mayo, here is your chance to redeem yourself and do it right. For starters I must make it clear, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s independence day, but don’t worry we will help you out with some tips to properly celebrate like a true Mexican. Here are a couple of things you should NOT do and avoid at all cost.

Do not go out and buy a huge Mexican style sombrero, mustache or put on a sarape. Most gringos have the bad habit of playing Mexican for a day. This is very degrading to Mexicans and you want to avoid any confrontation with a pissed off Mexican who has been drinking plenty of tequila and cerveza. After all, most Mexicans do not dress up as the typical stereo type image of a Mexican sitting next to a cactus wearing a huge sombrero and you should not either.

As you may have noticed Mexico’s independence is not as commercialized as Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. which I think it’s a good thing. So to truly celebrate correctly, I suggest you hit up one of your Mexican friends and celebrate with their family and enjoy abuelitas deliciosos platillos tradicionales. Just make sure you go with plenty of appetite because Mexican’s are know to be great hosts and expect you to try everything that abuelita cooked for this special occasion. Even though there will be plenty of Tequila I suggest you bring a bottle as an offering, but make sure you don’t bring crappy tequila like Cuervo. If none of your friends are Mexican then It’s time to start making new friends.

If you find yourself on vacation in Mexico then it is a must to hit the main plaza and party with the locals, where you will find lots of stands selling traditional foods, and drinks. If you feel like getting your drink on then avoid the touristy bars and hit the local cantina instead. Trust me you will have a blast but just make sure you bring you’re A game cause there will be plenty of drinking going on.

Last but not least while listening to Mariachi, do not try to yell out the Mexican grito. Only a few can actually pull this off, it is best you leave it to the pros, that way you don’t hurt yourself. I hope these tips help you properly celebrate y que VIVA MEXICO!

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