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Protesters Set Doors of Mexico’s Ceremonial Palace Ablaze

Thousands of Mexicans took to the streets of Mexico City to protest the government’s handling of the 43 missing students, which have now been declared dead. The mayor’s wife of Iguala, María de los Ángeles Pineda, ordered the kidnapping of the 43 students because they protested her lavish party which she used taxpayers money. The 43 students were eventually handed over to the cartel and killed. Their burned remains were dumped in a land fill and a local river.

The protesters made it to the front doors of the national Palace of El Zocalo and set the doors on fire. When will this madness end? More blood has been spilled since Enrique Peña Nieto took control of Mexico then last two years that Felipe Calderon was president. And the sad thing is that families are being destroyed as innocent people are loosing their lives from the greedy corrupt politicians, government officials and police.

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