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Puerto Rico Considers Using Daylight Savings Time

Puerto Rican lawmakers are debating whether or not to institute the dreaded practice known as Daylight Savings Time. Sen. Margarita Nolasco introduced a bill that would force Boricuas to push their clocks back an hour in the Fall. The United States started using Daylight Savings Time as a way to give farmers more time to harvest their crops. Clearly this line of reasoning has nothing to do with people like me who live in New York City where the only thing that grows is despair and hipster beards. An attempt was made to start using DST in 2000 but it was quickly shot down. As a person who has had to put up with this crappy practice his entire life I can honestly tell my PR brethren that it’s a bad idea. Here is why:

It Only Makes You More Tired

When you live by stupid DST, it gets dark earlier in the day chronologically. This means that it’s dark by around 4-6 depending on where you are. Where I live it gets dark at 4:30 and all I want to do is go to sleep. Oh sure, you “gain” an hour of sleep in the fall but then you lose it in the Spring. That only makes you more tired and resentful. Increases productivity my culo.

You Always Forget To Change The Clocks

At least I do. Then there is this incredibly unpleasant moment early in the morning when you realize that you are running late and have 13 minutes to get to your destination. It also gives annoying people a reason to be annoying. “That guy” at your office will go around telling everyone to turn their clocks back. Who needs the hassle?

Bye Bye Siesta

I know that in some places in Puerto Rico they still practice that sublime Hispanic custom of the mid-afternoon nap. Well, kiss that goodbye. DST is an important part of the way the American working day is set up. It’s all based on some outdated Puritan work ethic stuff that I don’t really understand. It has been scientifically proven that a nap in the middle of the day increases productivity. Again, DST creates a false sense of increased productivity.

You Live In The Tropics

Do you really need more daylight? It stays lighter longer there anyway. It’s one thing if you live in Wisconsin where it gets dark at 2:30 in the winter, but in Puerto Rico? That’s why the argument that it saves on electricity is probably BS. You simply don’t need to play Timelord with your clocks to get more daytime hours.

Do You Really Want To Be More Like The U.S.A?

One of the things that makes Puerto Rico such a unique and fascinating place is the fact that it’s been able to maintain its rich culture and lifestyle while still being kinda sorta not really part of the United States. While the question of whether Puerto Rico should become a state is a matter of debate, I would really hate to see P.R. become just another boring American territory like Wyoming or something. Stick to your own ways Boricuas and tell Daylight Savings Time to F off.

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