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Qaddafi’s Son Caught Sneaking Into Mexico

Mexican officials caught Muamar Qaddafi’s son trying to sneak into Mexico. Al-Saddi Qaddafi, which has a nice rhyming sound to it, and his family tried to get into Mexico with false papers. He’s one of the sons of Muamar Qaddafi, the dead dictator of Libya who could rock a caftan better than anyone else in history. Al-Saddi was helped by two Mexican coyotes and, (for some reason), a Danish dude. They were buying safe houses for him at the many resort areas on the Mexican coasts. Just because you are a fugitive from justice doesn’t mean you should let your tan go.

There are several hilarious things about this to us. First of all, you hear all the time from anti-immigration people that terrorists will try to sneak across our border into the U.S. It seems that terrorists and terrorist supporters would rather sneak IN to Mexico. They do have nicer beaches. Also, what was this guy thinking? That no one would notice he wasn’t Mexican? Did he have his servants get him a map of all the non-Arab countries with brown people in them and did he just throw a dart to pick one? Would he even like Mexico? Going from eating couscous on golden plates to eating chorizo tacos in the street can be a shock to anyone. Plus, Mexicans totally would have made fun of his rhymey name.

Via Fox News Latino.

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