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¡Que Viva Argentina! Germany vs Argentina In the World Cup Finals

Latin America is just 90 minutes away from winning the World Cup. The battle of Messi vs Robben turned out to be the battle of the goalies and who can make penalty shots.

On a cold rainy night in Belo Horizonte, Argentina and the Netherlands battled with very few chances to score. The only really shot of seeing a goal in this game was at the final minute of the game when Enzo Perez dashed down the right and delivered a pinpoint low cross to Higuain, who kicked the ball just inches wide. As the tension and drama could not get worse the game had to be decided in penalty shots. With hands sweating, hearts beating fast and the anxious fans waiting to see if their team would advance to the World Cup Finals, the Netherlands would kick first, only to have Ron Vlaar’s shot blocked by Sergio Romero. Minutes later Wesley Sneijder would also be blocked by Romero. With Argentina making all the penalty shots, Maxi Rodriguez kicked in the final penalty shot to send Argentina and Latin America to the finals! Argentina will now face Germany in Sunday’s World Cup at Maracana. The last time Argentina made it to the finals was in 1990, which they lost to the Germans.

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