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Range Rover Does Scary/Awesome Battle With Biker Gang In NYC (Video)

A serious altercation occurred in New York City when a driver of a Range Rover had a run-in with a motorcycle gang. Though it sounds like the plot of a 70’s biker exploitation film, it was all too graphically real. The incident occurred on the West Side Highway in Manhattan when the SUV either ran into one of the bikers or the bikers ran into him. An altercation then ensued and the dude in the SUV panics and takes off, injuring some of the bikers. As a rule you don’t want to piss off an entire motorcycle gang, much less injure some of them, especially if you are some upper middle class douche in a Land Rover. Needless to say the bikers caught up with him and proceeded to stomp him. Like, bikers are known to do.

What’s the lesson we’ve learned from this kids? (Cue touching music) A) Always give a huge swarm of bikers the right of way and B) If you do get in an altercation with bikers curl up into a fetal position, cry, and beg for mercy. I live in New York City and the West Side Highway is usually crawling with the NYPD. Alas, for this poor bastard they must have all been at that really good doughnut shop on 9th avenue.

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