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The Red Sox Sign Cuban Player Yoan Moncada

The Red Sox Signed Cuban player Yoan Moncada with a record breaking 31.5 million dollar bonus this week. The Yankees and other teams had been fawning over Moncada since he showed what he could do at an international tournament in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Moncada left Cuba 14 months ago legally and was waiting in Guatemala for the word that he could work in the United States. Moncada is the latest player to come out of Cuba in what is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. As relations between Cuba and the United States thaw you are going to see more and more Cuban players coming to play in the majors. It’s not really a surprise. Cuba has produced some of the best players in baseball history since the beginning of the game.

Before Fidel Castro took power in 1959, the reach of Cuban players in the United States was limited due in large part to Jim Crow laws in the south and the inherent racism of baseball at the time. While many Cuban players did play in the Negro Leagues and a couple in the minors, they never made any big impact. Unfortunately, when baseball did start to allow more Latinos and people of color into the game Cuba and the U.S. were at a detente. In the last twenty years you have seen a trickle of players who have defected at international tournaments or the Olympics come over to play for the majors. There are more Cuban players in the major leagues now than ever before and the trend is only going to expand.

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