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Ricky Hatton Has Boxing License Revoked After Drug Bust

The British Boxing Board of Control revoked Ricky Hatton’s license after a very incriminating video showing the boxer doing lines of cocaine was circulated by rag magazine News Of The World back in mid September. In the clip, we repeatedly see “The Hitman” doing his best Tony Montana impression.

From the Board’s statement:

“The board found Ricky Hatton guilty of misconduct in that his actions and behavior were detrimental to the interests of boxing and to the public interest and that he had brought the sport into disrepute. Ricky Hatton is not an active boxer and his current physical condition is such that the board decided to withdraw his boxer’s license.”

This decision seems like a moot point anyway. Hatton hasn’t stepped inside a ring since he was knocked out cold by Manny Pacquiao back in May of 2009. Not that we condone that kind of behavior, but you can sort of see why he’s resorted to drugs and booze since losing to the Pac-Man. We’d hit the bottle pretty hard too if we were embarassed like that on pay-per-view. Highlights of that fight are below:

We realize that this is the second time in a week we’ve posted that video, but come on. Can you really blame us? Pacquiao crushing Hatton was easily one of the best displays of pugilism we’ve seen in at least fifteen years.

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