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Ricky Martin And Jennifer Lopez Make Seriously Sexy Video

J-Lo and Ricky Martin star in a new video Adrenalina by reggaeton artist Wisin is muy caliente, for realsies. There is a lot of them sweating and getting all close and sensual. There are also car chases, post-apocalyptic imagery, and people dancing in a terrordome. The song is also pretty awesome. I’m not a huge raggaeton guy but this is a friggin’ catchy tune. It also has Jenn singing in Spanish which is a rarity. The video was directed by Jessy Terrero. It’s sort of a throwback to the party videos with slick design and production value of the 90’s. The song will appear on Wisin’s new album El Regreso del Sobreviviente. Watch it and you’re gonna need a cold shower.


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