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Ricky Martin Is NOT Dead


Contrary to what you may have heard or what it said on your mom’s Facebook wall, Ricky Martin is not in fact dead. A video popped up on YouTube claiming to show a car wreck in which the legendary pop icon had been killed. The report said it came from the Marin county sheriff’s department near San Francisco. It was all BS. The footage was from another country and the video didn’t make any sense because it said he had died in LA but that the evidence was in Marin county. Martin took the whole thing in good stride posting some pics from a beach in Puerto Rico with the hashtag #heaven. This is actually not the first time that an internet hoax has claimed that Martin has died. I’m not sure why people want to fake kill him so bad but there you go.

I actually don’t understand the impulse to create celebrity death hoaxes at all. I mean, clearly the celebrity is going to come out and say that they are still alive. Someone put time and effort into making that video. I don’t lead the most exciting life but I certainly have better things to do with my time than to fake murder Ricky Martin.

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