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Ricky Martin Releases FIFA World Cup Song “Vida”

Ricky Martin just released the second song on the official album for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The song, called Vida, will be featured alongside Pitbull’s We Are One and will no doubt be played ad nauseam as the World Cup gets closer. The song was penned by American songwriter Elijah King who won the 2014 FIFA World Cup SuperSong competition. The contest allowed thousands of songwriters to submit songs for a covetted spot on the FIFA album. The video has a lot of Ricky Martin being Ricky Martiny while Brazilian dancers frolic in scantily clad outfits. It was shot on location in Rio and is nothing if not colorful. The song is pretty catchy and has an uptempo beat that will no doubt lead to a lot of dancing in the stands during the games. The song is all about celebrating the differences that make us all unique and all that kind of fun stuff.

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