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Riot Starts At Rikers Island Over Telenovelas

A full on prison riot broke out on New York’s Rikers Island penitentiary when the inmates were deprived of their telenovelas. The prisoner’s bedtime is usually 11pm which gives them plenty of time to catch up on what’s happening in the world of Spanish soaps. But for some reason the prison decided that the prisoners should go to bed at 9pm instead. Big mistake. Everyone knows that the best soap is on from 9-10pm EST. All hell broke loose and 68 inmates started tearing up the place. A spokesman for the prison described it as,

“They went nuts because they are being locked up at 9 p.m. and missing all of their favorite TV shows. Rikers is on the brink – it’s completely out control. Inmates are running the asylum.”

You can put a man in prison, take away his freedom, but you cannot take away his stories. This doesn’t really surprise me. My mother is the same way. She was once in the hospital and threw a fit because the doctor wanted to do an MRI during her novelas. Mind you, this was to see if she’d had a stroke, (she didn’t). It’s inhumane to deprive people the basic right to watch beautiful Mexican soap stars cry hysterically and kill each other’s lovers.

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