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Rita Moreno And ‘One Day At A Time’ Will Be Back For Season 3

Netflix has stopped playing with our emotions and renewed the groundbreaking show One Day at a Time for a third season after keeping us all in suspense for weeks. The show is a remake of the classic 70’s sitcom of the same name only it recast the family as a Cuban-American family in Echo Park Los Angeles. The show has an amazing cast, but let’s face it, it is all about the magnificent Rita Moreno as the grandmother Lydia. A lot has been written about this show, mostly positive, as it is one of the only shows ever to get a Latino family right. EVER. One Day At A Time and Jane the Virgin are the only shows currently on TV that Latinos are portrayed as they really are. I regularly cry while watching it.

Why? Because I’m Cuban-American and I grew up with a single mother and my flamboyant grandmother. Because I too had to deal with being mentally ill in a culture that doesn’t readily accept that kind of thing. Because my family went through the struggles of the Revolution and immigrating to America. Because we too had to come to terms and change when one of us came out as LGBTQ. Little things, like songs Rita Moreno sings or that she knows exactly how to make Cuban coffee correctly make this show so authentic that it takes my breath away. Mainly because I’ve never seen it before. Or her having pictures of multiple popes around or her devotion to her late husband Berto all cut close to home. Rita Moreno’s character IS my grandmother. The mother Penelope, played brilliantly by Justina Machado, is very much like my mother, who like Penelope, is in the medical field. My aunt Maggie is very much like Elena, played by Isabella Gomez. I wasn’t much like the son, though. I was more like Schneider but whatever. What I’m saying is that we need to support shows like this that were made by Latinos, starring Latinos, that represent us correctly.

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