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The Rock Group La Ley Returns After 10 years

On July 19th during the Reventón Super Estrella 2014, which featured great grupos of Rock en Español among them Caifanes, Fobia, Roco Pachukote de Maldita Vecindad, La Unión, Víctimas Del Dr.Cerebro, La Santa Cecilia and Enrique Bunbury. But one of the surprises of the night was the return of the Chilean group La Ley.

After being separated for almost 10 years, Beto Cuevas, Pedro Frugone and Mauricio Clavería reunited again, making their first performance in the Reventon Super Estrella at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. During their performance they played some of their hits including Dia Cero, el Duelo, Mentira.

It’s such a pleasure to see the comeback of a great group and I hope they keep creating great songs for more years to come.

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