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Rockstar Pope Francis On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Pope Francis has achieved a feat many aspire to but few get: the cover of Rolling Stone. ‘Ol Pontipex Maximus’ smiling face is gracing the cover of this month’s issue. The iconic magazine has had nearly every major musical act over the last 40 something years, but never the head of the Catholic Church. It is a testament to the Argentinian pope’s popularity. He is becoming quite the super model even though, unlike his Prada shoe wearing predecessor Benedict, he is a very humble man. Francis was named Person of the Year by Time Magazine for 2013. Francis also got the person of the year honor from The Advocate for his kind words towards gay people and he was declared the most powerful Latino in Forbes magazine. It’s hard to argue with that seeing as most Latinos aren’t the spiritual leader of over a billion Catholics.

But what is it about Francis that has caught the world’s imagination? Is it his kindly demeanor, like the abuelo we all wish we had? Is it his dedication to helping the poor and oppressed? It’s hard to say. Francis just has “it” whatever “it” is. Pardon the analogy, but he’s sort of like Will Smith or Jennifer Lawrence. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes them irresistible but when they are on screen you can’t take your eyes off them. Francis is a refreshing change of pace from Benedict who, let’s face it, looked like the evil emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies and had all the warmth of a German drill sergeant. I myself am not Catholic and yet I can’t help but be caught up in the man’s charm. Maybe next month the magazine will feature the Dalai Llama. He’s a rockstar spiritual leader too.

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