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Rubber Band Macro Lens For iPhone Full Of Awesome

When I’m not making the world laugh, cry, and think with my awesome blogging here at Tu Vez, I’m a professional filmmaker. I went to school and amassed huge student loan debt learning the ins and outs of cameras, editing, and lighting. Because of this, I’m kind of snooty when it comes to cameras. Don’t get me wrong, I use the camera on my iPhone all the time. It’s handy, because you always have it and the iPhone’s camera is pretty decent for a phone. The problem with camera phones is that they don’t have very good macro capabilities. You use a macro lens when you want to take a picture of something really closeup or small. Usually on a phone, these details disappear into a blur of pixels. They sell lenses you can put on your phone, but they are big and bulky. The whole point it of having a camera phone is that you have it with you all the time. I’m not going to carry around all that crap.

Well now I don’t have to! This nifty macro lens attaches to the iPhone with a simple rubber band. It’s something I can carry in my bag or even on the phone if I want. Not to mention that it’s only $15. The one drawback is that it covers the flash. I don’t care about that, though. Never use a flash if you can help it. It makes the pictures look like crap.

Via Gizmodo.

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