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Rubi Ibarra’s Quince Marred By Death

Did you go to Rubi Ibarra’s quince this past Monday? If you did then you know that a Chiva, or traditional horse race, ended in the death of a man named Felix Peña and the injury of another. You’ll recall that when Rubi’s dad sent out a video invitation to her quince on YouTube, millions RSVP’d. In reality some 30,000 plus people showed up stretching the resources of the small town of La Joya in San Luis Potosi. Jetblue even offered special discount fares to attend.

Rubi’s dad, Crescencio Ibarra, just meant for people in the surrounding towns to come. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, it became viral and people are presumptuous jerks. That the party was utter chaos and someone died isn’t really a surprise. You can’t have a party by internet and it not go sideways. That’s just the nature of the web.

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