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Sabrina Sabrok Enlarged Her Boobs Again!

As one of the most extreme Latin American women, Lorena Fabiana Colotta better know as Sabrina Sabrok, has enlarged her nenas again. Sabrina is an Argentine television host, cyberpunk rock singer, model and producer, but what she is most known for is having one of the biggest breasts in Latin America. She has achieved that by having a total of 15 breast enlargements. In 2006, she enlarged her bust size weighing in at 15lbs. In 2008 she enlarged them again to achieve her chest to weight 22lbs. On her last boob job she broke the scale with her chest weighing in at 39lbs.

Sabrina finally decided to go down a size or two but at the last minute she decided to have her nenas mas grande. Is she crazy o de plano tiene una canasta llena de huevos para hacer semejante cosa?

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