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Salma Hayek Embracing Silvery Strands

La bella actriz Salma Hayek looks amazing at 52-years-old but as everyone knows time and mother nature will eventually catch up to everyone. When it does you should be able to embrace it, and that is what Salma Hayek did as she took to Instagram and shared a smiling selfie that unveiled her silvery strands.

Looks like she is fully embracing it as she recently went a day makeup free and shared a picture of herself posing underneath a tree.

She talked about getting older in an interview with ET Online. “The worst part of the aging process has been my eyes. Not the wrinkles – the eyes themselves. I’m such a visual person and (now) I cannot read without depending on glasses. … It has been really, really sad.”

“The eyes, for me, that’s worse than the menopause.” As for her famous figure, Hayek said she doesn’t mind her curves. I’m not going to lie to you, I would like the curve to go in instead of out in some places, but I love a little curve,” she said. “I love the word ‘curvy.’ It’s artistic. A straight line can be boring.”

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#proud of my white hair. Orgullosa de mis canas. #hair

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