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Sam Worthington Arrested In Brawl With Paparazzi

Avatar star Sam Worthington was arrested in New York City yesterday after getting into a fight with a paparazzi. It seems that the Australian actor was hanging out in Greenwich Village with his girlfriend when they were approached by a pap named Sheng Li. He reportedly, (either accidentally or on purpose isn’t clear), kicked Sam’s girl in the shin. He then turned all Clash of the Titans and kicked the pap’s ass. The cops showed up and arrested both of them. Worthington was released and has to appear in court later this week. Li was charged with reckless endangerment, assault and harassment. This is just another example of how out of control paparazzi have become. Anyone who lives in LA or New York has probably seen these leaches chasing after celebrities both on foot and motorcycles. They are the scum of the Earth and make the rest of us media types look bad.

I’m just surprised because I have always thought that Sam Worthington wasn’t a real person. I had a theory that he was a CGI character created by ILM and lives on a flash drive on James Cameron’s keychain. It’s like he came out of nowhere and was suddenly in all of these huge movies. I guess he is real if the cops were able to arrest him…unless…he’s a really sophisticated hologram…

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