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San Marcos Blankets

With the arrival of cold nights, its time to bring out your San Marco Mexican blankets. The famous thick plush Mexican blankets with elaborate designs have kept Latinos warm for more than 40 years. With their thick plush material these blankets are the only ones you will need to keep warm on cold winter nights. Manufactured in Mexico, these warm blankets have become a cult favorite for many making their way to the houses of millions of Latinos from the traditional middle class to the upper class family. Most people take great pride in their San Marco blanket with an endless variety of designs under the sun, including peacocks, Aztec warriors, the Virgin Mary, exotic animals, horses, pandas, unicorns and well known characters like Strawberry Shortcake and Mickey Mouse. These blankets are so popular with Latinos because they can be used in many ways other then just to keep warm. Some of the different ways you can show off your San Marco blanket include, a stylish cover for your sofa, to add some design to the back seat of your car, add art work to your house by hanging on a wall, use as curtains and even use it as a poncho. These blankets are commonly giving as gifts during Christmas, birthdays and baby showers. You can usually find these great cobijas at local Latino swap meets or to get an authentic one you can cross the border and visit street shopping areas in Mexican cities like Tijuana, Mexico City, Mexicali and Aguas calientes. Consider tacky by some, this cobija is a must for true Latinos!

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