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Saving Mexico Feels More Like The Slaying of Mexico

The recent Time magazine cover is causing an uproar in Mexico. The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, is portrayed as a savior with the cover title “Saving Mexico”, but is he really a savior? In December 2012 he became the new president of Mexico, winning the presidency, by taking advantage of the poor and buying their votes in exchange for a pre-paid card. Since then, Nieto has proposed several tax reforms that will make life a lot harder for the poor and middle class.  We look at some of the things that will be affected if this reform passes.

If you have a dog or a cat, the government considers you wealthy and will impose a 16% tax on all dog and cat food. If you go see any public performances like going to the movies, sports or a concert the government may charge you a tax. Ironically going to the theatre, or the circus will still be tax free. If you want to buy a pack of gum guess what, you will have to pay a tax of 16%. Yes now chewing gum has become a luxury for only the rich to enjoy the artificial fruit flavors in your mouth. Looking to buy a house or rent an apartment, you will now have to pay a tax of 16% on your mortgage and up to a tax of 32% if you rent. The public school system is so bad that it is a necessity to attend a private school in order to get an education. Well know that will also cost you more money, if you want to continue attending a private school you will have to pay a tax of 16%. If you want to enjoy a nice cold beer after a hard day at work or during a family carne asada, you will have to think twice, all beers will have a tax of 26% and all hard liquor will be subject to a tax of 53%.  I guess we will have to stick with your favorite soda. Well guess what, all soft drinks will also be taxed. Saving up to buy a new car, now you will have to save more because that to will have in increase in taxes. If you think we have it bad in the U.S. try paying a monthly six cent increase in gas tax.  Yes every month the tax you pay per liter will increase.  Ouch I guess road trips are out of the picture. These are only a few examples of how president Nieto’s grand plan to put Mexico into the right direction.  The wealthy will have to pay more but they usually don’t have car payments or mortgages while the middle class, with their low wages, now will have a new challenge to make ends meet. If you ask me I say the poor and middle class are the ones getting screwed big time.  The Time magazine cover should read, “THE SLAYING OF MEXICO”.

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