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SAW 3D Opens Tomorrow. You Gonna See It?

Saw 3D, the final installment in the series, hits theaters tomorrow. Are you going to see it?

Personally, we will. We saw the original one when it came out with our little sister. We where bored one weekday night, decided to go to a movie, and the only thing playing was the first SAW. Neither of us had ever heard about the movie so we didn’t know what to expect. What we got was arguably one of the scariest and freshest flicks we had seen in a while.

Since then, We’ve made a concerted effort to watch all of them. Not every single one was at the theater, but we watched them all.  SAW 3D will not be an exception, but that’s just us. What about you? You guys going to check it out?

Saw 3D Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers

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