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Scary Animals That Will Haunt Your Dreams

There’s a reason cats and dogs have made their way into our homes. They are cute. They’re furry. And when you’re sad and alone, you can talk to them and dress them up in outfits. Unfortunately, there are other animals in the world that we humans have turned a cold shoulder too because they aren’t so adorable. In fact, some are so scary in appearance that they might very well have been designed by demons high on bath salts and Four Loko (I’m talkin’ original formula Four Loko). And then there are the the scary animals that are so grotesque that they are almost cute, sort of like a baby kitten dressed as an evil clown. In honor of Halloween, let’s take a look at a few animals that fall into that category.

Aye Aye
Here’s an animal that looks like it just invented time travel. The Aye Aye is a lemur, native to Madagascar, that feeds on grubs and probably human souls. The Aye Aye’s most impressive trait is its hands, which feature fingers so long and unsettling that the local population of Sakalava believe it can bring death to those it points at.

Blob Fish
This Ziggy lookin’ creature was voted world’s ugliest animal earlier this year. For an animal that already looks depressed, I can’t imagine that honor did anything to raise its self-esteem. Despite its chubby appearance, scientists have never seen the creature eat. If I were to guess, I would say it enjoys shame-eating bags of Cheetos while drinking Boone’s Farm and marathoning entire seasons of True Blood.

Sheepshead Fish
In Pixar movies, fish with human-like teeth are cute and plucky. Here’s what the real world version of that looks like. Not so adorable, huh? This fish is perfect for the person that wants to combine their fear of murky lakes with their fear of being bitten by someone with a severe case of meth mouth. Scratch that. The fish looks like it has a better dental plan that most people I know. Maybe that is what’s so disturbing.

Star Nosed Mole
Here’s an animal that couldn’t take a flattering selfie if it tried. The star nosed mole, which is mostly blind, relies on its nose, which looks like an eye-sprouting potato, to move around and find food. The nose is so sensitive that it can smell underwater, which means that if you break wind in a public pool around this guy, he will most likely call you out. If you learn one thing today, I hope that was it.

Horseshoe Crab
This creature looks like it would be just as comfortable in the ocean as it would bursting out of your chest. The horseshoe crab has existed in some form for almost 450 million years and very little about its design has changed. Pictured above is how the creature mates. If you’re too afraid to look at the photo, just imagine two army helmets aggressively laying on the beach.

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