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Trending In Latin America: Man Eats Cockroaches on “Colombia’s Got Talent”

February 29, 2012 

Welcome to our new regular feature entitled “Trending In Latin America.” Ever so often, we take a look at what YouTube videos la gente from Latin America are viewing instead of working. For our inaugural “Trending In Latin America,” meet Cristian Gomez Mantilla, a recent contestant in Colombia Tiene Talento. Our protagonist went in front of….

Colombian Man Does Spot On Shakira Impersonation

February 27, 2012 

Jonathan Trujillo– the person in question– might not be the best Shakira look-alike. But his voice is another thing. Holy crap, is it another thing. If you’re familiar with Shakira’s early oeuvre (particularly her first album), close your eyes, listen to the video, and tell me Trujillo doesn’t sound like her? This video is from a….

Colombian Dad & Kids Cover Depeche Mode

January 30, 2012 

It’s been a weird (ie, crappy) day because… well, most Mondays usually are. But then we stumbled upon this awesome video of Colombian dad Dicken Schrader and his offspring Milah and Korben doing a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts.” This is almost as cute as that viral video of the dog bringing the customers….

WTF: ICE Deports Non-Latina Teenager To Colombia

January 04, 2012 

In today’s “are you effing kidding” me story: the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported a Jakadrien Turner, an African-American teenager who’s not Latina or speaks Spanish, to Colombia.

Colombian Women’s Basketball Team Wins With Buzzer Beater At Pan American Games

October 24, 2011 

Over the weekend, Canada and Colombia faced off in women’s basketball at the 2012 Pan American Games. Kick yourself for missing the game (we are). Down by 2, Colombia made a three-point shot with less than eight seconds to go to take a 56-55 lead. Exciting, right? But wait, there’s more. Canada managed to draw….