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Seattle Drops Columbus Day Because He’s An A-Hole

The great city of Seattle Washington has decided that October 13th will be Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day. If you are a regular reader here at Tu Vez you know that we HATE Christopher Columbus. As far as we’re concerned he was one of the worst human beings to ever walk the face of the Earth. He wasn’t a hero but rather a cold-blooded, greedy, psychopath that caused the death of thousands and thousands of Native Americans. Over the last few years, as the truth of Columbus’ crimes has come into the public knowledge, there has been a call to jettison a national holiday in his honor. Seattle is the first to actually take that step. Instead of honoring the Genoese dictator, they chose instead to honor all Native Americans instead.

The celebration of Columbus Day started in the late 19th century when a growing influx of Italians from Europe led to them wanting to have one of their great Italian heroes honored by their new country. Back then people believed the story of Columbus heroically sailing to prove that the Earth was round and discovering America and thereby bringing civilization to the savage “Indians” of the Caribbean. Now we know that that is all a big crock of crap. It’s beyond time for us to realize that this man is not someone to be honored but someone to be vilified. Would we have a Pol Pot or Stalin day? Nope. And to my Italian-American friends who feel that this is impeding on a celebration of their heritage, do you really want to be associated with that guy? Pick literally ANY OTHER famous Italian and you’d be doing better, (except maybe Mussolini). Next thing we need to do is get that other genocidal jerk Andrew Jackson off of our $20 bill.

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