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Secretary John Kerry In Havana As American Flag Is Raised

For the first time in 54 years the American flag will fly in front of the American embassy in Havana. The embassy itself wasn’t there until last month. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Havana to mark the historic moment in the continuing thaw in relations between the United States and the communist country. The marines who lowered the flag back in the sixties will be on hand to raise it, a moment that brings some closure to a deep divide that has made the two countries enemies for more than half a century. Cubans have been lining up outside the embassy to apply for visas to visit or emigrate to the United States since it opened. I wouldn’t want to be a member of that staff, I’ll tell you that. Though this gesture of raising the flag is largely symbolic, it is not to be taken lightly.

I admit that when I watched it happen I got a little choked up. The flag of the country where I was born and raised and which gave my family a safe haven when they escaped the brutality of the sixties era Castro regime flying in the country where my parents were born is a big deal.

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