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Selena Gomez Goes Au Naturel On Instagram

Whenever the words “classy” and “nude” are combined, I get as excited as when I hear the words “unflavored” and “oatmeal”. That is to say, not very. Classy nudes typically feature someone in their birthday suit, holding a large fan, and sitting on the back of a baffled endangered animal. However, classy nude photos are considered artsy, which means they’re okay to show on Instagram, which is great news if you’re Selena Gomez, or a fan of Selena Gomez, or just some guy. This past weekend, the former Disney princess posted a photo of herself in the buff, apparently struggling against a curtain, like a majestic, nude dolphin caught in a fisherman’s net. If you look closely, you can see that Gomez’s feet are off the floor, which suggests that she was just about to take flight out the window. Speculation at the moment is that Justin Beiber was the shutterbug who captured the moment.

Check out Selena’s Instagram account here.

While artistic nudes are not normally shocking, this photo is definitely different than the average artistic nude. Were Selena known for getting naked and riding around on wrecking balls, this photo would barely register on the pop culture radar. However, this photo represents the first time a normally demure Selena has dipped her toe into provocative waters in such a public manner. Whether or not this Instagram is the gateway photo that leads Gomez into a world of twerking while being vomited on remains to be seen. However, it’s good to see Selena being empowered in such a body positive fashion. (That’s what I’m supposed to say, right? I can’t just be all like, “Oh day-um, she’s naked!”)

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